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5 Travel Tips for Heart Patients


There are many who refrain from going on vacations especially after facing an episode of severe health issues. If you have ever suffered a cardiovascular disease (CVD) like heart attack, stroke, failure, cardiac arrhythmias or have gone through heart surgery, it does not mean you can’t explore or travel anymore. Health experts have laid down a few steps and precautions for CVD patients who don’t want to give up travelling.

Evaluate yourself before your trip

Consult your cardiologist and run tests like ECG, stress test. If you experience any discomfort, during the ongoing tests then you should only travel after you have been cleared by your doctor.

Be fully vaccinated

Before travelling make sure you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and other viruses such as typhoid and Hepatitis A, B.

Carry your medication

Never miss your medication. Stock up on the medicines prescribed by doctors, in case you decide on extending your stay, you won’t have to worry. While travelling through flight carry your prescription to avoid the hassle during security check.

Flight precaution

Cardiac patients can travel in flight but individuals with weak hearts and ongoing active conditions should seek screening by a physician. In case of long flights, stay hydrated and make sure you have an aisle seat so you can take frequent walks to avoid developing venous clots. Also, make sure to carry your travel insurance.

Maintain your diet

Even if you are travelling, it doesn’t give you an excuse to oversee what you eat and whether it is heart-healthy or not. Don’t consume processed or junk food. Try to do some exercises as well, even a walk will help.

Both the experts recommended that if you feel any discomfort in travel, connect with your doctor immediately to avoid complications.

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