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5 Toxic Habits You Must Avoid to Lead a Happy Life ​


Every action has a reaction. Sometimes we allow toxic habits to take control of our lives which lead us to do things that we would never do intentionally. It is difficult to change our habits, but it isn’t impossible. The best part is that we have the power to transform ourselves if we are willing to lead a happy life. We can work on ourselves and improve the connections that we may have damaged due to our toxic attitude by changing a few habits.

By making a few behavioural changes, we can eliminate the toxicity and become a better version of ourselves.

Here’s what you should let go of to stay away from negativity:

  1. Don’t try to win every argument
    As much as winning an argument can make you feel good, doing so could tarnish a relationship.
  2. Avoid focusing on negative things
    It is difficult to be optimistic all the time, but we have the power to avoid focusing on negative things all the time.
  3. Do not compete with people that aren’t competing with you
    Avoid proving yourself right in a place where it isn’t required. Instead, prioritise your mental health and challenge yourself in ways that can yield joy.
  4. Do not raise your voice
    Some people believe that raising their voices to be heard will get them the attention they need. It is not true. People may consider you impolite, and your relationship may suffer as a result.
  5. Do not lie to be right
    Some people prefer to lie to avoid punishment or to gain acceptance. It is unethical and will have a negative impact on your connections.

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