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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Skin While Travelling


As the world breathes better since the black swan event of 2020, people are back to planning and executing their tours and travels. Going to places exposes you to various kinds of stimuli that interact with your body. Be it the weather of the place, or the water, these elements react with the largest organ of your body, the skin, quite impactfully.

As a result, the skin’s equilibrium is subject to disturbance and can result in skin problems such as acne or rashes to name a few. So, if you are an avid traveller but also someone with sensitive skin, then here are a few tips you can include in your regime for protection.

Avoid Touching Your Skin Too Much

Touching your face skin is the most common way to pass on the germs that were on your hand to the skin. Hence it is advised that you should avoid touching your face unless it is imperative to do so. Also, make sure to wash and sanitise your hands before touching your face.

Always Wear Clean Masks

In a post-COVID world, masks have become a part of life. And it is the one thing that will touch your face, no matter what. Therefore, make sure to wear a clean mask, whenever you do, to avoid what is now being called “Maskne.”

Skin Cleansing

It is crucial that you wash your face routinely and regularly. Generally, you should prefer washing your face after exposing your face skin to dust and heat for long hours. In addition, choose a product that goes with your skin.

Avoid Bathroom Freebies

If you are staying at a hotel, try avoiding the hotel toiletries provided to you. Those products are made to suit the general public and not specifically for your skin type. Use them only in cases of emergencies.

Essentials Are Essential

There is no need to carry your entire skincare routine wherever you travel. Hence, be smart and focus on the essentials. This could include moisturiser, toner, SPF, and a face wash that suits your skin type.

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