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5 Things You Just Cannot Do In Parent-Teacher Meetings


Teachers and parents play an important role in the life of a child. A child learns many things in school and these things which ultimately influence the character of that child. Hence, even a small mistake by either parents or teachers can be detrimental to the psychological development of the child.

As a parent, you should be actively involved in your child’s school life. A parent-teacher meeting is an excellent avenue where you can check whether your child is on the right track in school. Therefore, communicating effectively with your child’s teacher is in your best interest. However, there are certain things that you should avoid doing as a parent at a parent-teacher meeting.

Don’t reprimand your child:

Many parents scold their children at parent-teacher meetings. This affects the mentality of the child in a wrong way. By scolding your child in front of his/her teachers and friends, you are damaging your relationship with your child.

Don’t praise your child too much

Never praise your child too much in front of the teacher. This can lead to your child getting overconfident in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Don’t point out too many mistakes of your child:

Many times parents highlight several shortcomings of their child at a parent-teacher meeting. This can lead to your child losing self-confidence.

Don’t be aggressive towards kids:

If you are angry about your child’s marks or bad behaviour, refrain from shouting at your child at the parent-teacher meeting. You also shouldn’t hit your child ever. Parents should take their children home and make them understand their mistakes politely.

Don’t demotivate your child:

If you are disappointed with the academic performance of your child, you shouldn’t demotivate your child. By labelling your child a failure, you will cause tremendous damage to her or her personality. Refrain from excessive criticism of your children and encourage them to give their 100% in everything they do.

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