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5 Surprising Benefits Of Tamarind Leaves For Healthy Hair


Tamarind is considered to be beneficial for hair. This spice is found in most Indian kitchens and has even been used for medicinal purposes. Loaded with minerals and vitamins, tamarind has uncountable benefits for hair and skin. While adding tamarind to the diet can help with various health issues, its leaves can be used to improve hair quality.

Tamarind leaves are rich in anti-dandruff and anti-bacterial properties. Including tamarind leaves can keep you away from scalp issues. Not only this, but they also help in hair growth and strength.

Ways to use tamarind leaves:

You can use tamarind leaves as a hair pack or make tamarind spray. To make the tamarind spray, boil half a cup of tamarind leaves in 5 cups of water. After it cools down, wash the hair with water. At the same time, to make a hair mask, grind tamarind leaves and mix curd in them. Now, apply the paste to the hair and massage the head. After 15 minutes, wash the hair with clean water.

Check out these amazing benefits of Tamarind here:

Stops hair fall:

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties present in tamarind leaves are helpful in making the hair stronger from the roots. The breakage of hair is reduced, and it becomes long and thick.

Helps in getting rid of white hair:

Tamarind leaves have natural colouring agents in them. The regular use of tamarind leaves on the hair will eliminate the white hair problem.

Get shiny hair:

A tamarind hair mask can be the best option to bring shine to your hair. For this, grind tamarind leaves and make a paste. Now mix honey in it and apply it to the hair. Leave it for some time and wash it with clean water.

No more oily scalp:

Tamarind pulp can help control scalp sebum production which will help you get rid of a greasy scalp.

Straighten hair naturally:

Mixing rice water with tamarind leaves can help you straighten your hair naturally.

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