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5 Safety Tips You Must Keep in Mind During Mundan Ceremony of Your Kid


The first grand function after the birth of a kid is his/her naming ceremony. Following this ceremony, the mundan is done. Let us tell you that Mundan Sanskar is also one of the 16 important rites of Hinduism. During mundan, a special ritual of removing the hair is performed. And therefore, it becomes necessary to keep some things in mind while shaving a child’s head.

Of course, the Mundan ceremony is a very happy occasion for the parents and the family members. However, sometimes parents ignore some important things in the excitement. And that can have a direct impact on the delicate health of the children. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind

Don’t shave in fever: The child needs to be fit for shaving. At the same time, it is better to avoid shaving the child with a fever or cold. By sprinkling water on the head of a child, you might risk their health.

Feed the baby: Before shaving, do not forget to feed the baby. Children get irritated when they are hungry and then they start crying at the time of shaving. Therefore, it is best to shave the children only after their stomach is full.

Get professional help: Choosing a professional and experienced person for the process of mundan. Make sure that the person has changed the shaving blade and taken care of other hygienic aspects.

Don’t forget to bathe the baby: After shaving, a lot of hair sticks to the clothes and the body of the newborn. The kid child may get irritated because of this hair. Do not forget to bathe the kid as soon as possible and put on clean clothes.

Apply ghee and turmeric paste: Turmeric with medicinal properties is considered the best antiseptic for the skin. At the same time, the effect of ghee is cold. Hence, many people prefer to apply ghee and turmeric paste on the child’s head after shaving.

This gives relief from razor wounds and germs on the head. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor before applying for it.

Try to follow these safety tips during the mundan ceremony of the child.

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