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5 Must Try Delicious Korean Dishes

5 Must Try Delicious Korean Dishes


Korean culture is slowly getting more acceptance in other countries. People in many countries appear to be appreciating Korean music and cuisine. Individuals have become aware of Korean cuisine specialities due to the influence of social media.

They enjoy eating Korean food because it has a blend of flavours that are tangy, salty, sweet and spicy. K-food items have grown significantly in recent years to the extent that people have started preparing them at home.

Korean food is getting popular like K-pop culture.

Here are five mouthwatering Korean cuisines you must taste at least once in your life.

Kimchi: One of the most well-known Korean foods worldwide is kimchi. It is a staple cuisine for Koreans, and there are over a hundred different ways to prepare it. The recipes vary according to the local food traditions and time of year in which they are prepared. Korean Napa Cabbage and radish are the main ingredients in kimchi. This dish is made with veggies, fish sauce, garlic, ginger and other ingredients. You can also add other vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and spring onions. Kimchi is often served as a side dish with most Korean dishes.

Korean stew: This delectable dish can be prepared with tofu, red chilli, Korean hot pepper flakes, soy sauce, meat and shellfish. Some individuals favour pairing this with a raw egg. It is best to add the raw egg while the dish is still hot off the stove.

Samgyeopsal: A specialty from South Korea, samgyeopsal is made entirely of pork belly. Samgyeopsal is often prepared at the table in a special pan that allows the fat to drip off the sides. It’s known as grilled three layer meat. Often samgyeopsal is served with a dressing of lettuce, raw garlic, green chilli peppers, kimchi and green onions. The dish is typically accompanied by two dipping sauces— ssamjang and gireumjang.

Hobakjuk: This dish is made from danhobak, also referred to as Japanese pumpkin or kabocha squash. One advantage of pumpkin porridge in Korea is that it reduces swelling after surgery. Since kabocha squash is naturally sweet, you can reduce or even avoid the sugar that is typically used to season the porridge.

Haemul Pajeon: Pajeon is a savoury pancake famous in Korea that is made with green onions. This savoury pancake is one of Korea’s favourite snacks or appetisers, along with kimchi jeon, buchujeon and nokdu jeon. In Korea, makgeolli is frequently served with haemul pajeon (Korean milky rice wine).

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