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5 Health Drinks That Are Highly Overrated When it Comes to Weight Loss


The internet is the ultimate source of information in today’s times and many of us rely on the world wide web for information on various topics — ranging from investment to healthcare and lifestyle. A lot of people who desire to lose weight and aim for a fitter lifestyle but do not have the time or the energy or willingness to join a gym or consult a dietician turn to the internet for aid.

However, not everything you read on the internet is true. Thousands of bloggers and YouTubers say thousands of things in their videos and guides and some of the information they give out may not scientifically correct. Today, we will shed some light on some misinformation about 5 drinks that are highly overrated in terms of weight loss.

Ginger and Honey Water

There is no doubt about the health effects of ginger. Ginger is considered one of the most effective ingredients to boost your immunity. It is a natural way to prevent colds and coughs. However, it is a wrong assumption that ginger and honey water is going to reduce your fat. At the most, it can make you feel more energetic, which means you can train longer and harder at the gym but that is about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another drink that has been rated very well when it comes to reducing weight or reducing fat is Apple Cider Vinegar. It certainly aids your digestion but it does not burn fat. People who often suffer from acidity are advised not to consume apple cider vinegar.


It is often said that smoothies are more effective than other aerated and milk-based drinks. Though smoothies are full of nutrients and even make you feel full for a long time, they can increase sugar levels in the body, which contributes to fat and reverses the nutrition received. So, smoothies are a big no when it comes to weight loss.

Fruit juices

These work the same way as smoothies. High in nutrients, but can also increase your sugar levels.

Green tea

Green tea is a detoxing drink but consuming it on an empty stomach can have serious health effects. Even excessive consumption of green tea is associated with liver and stomach diseases. So, if you are consuming green tea, try to limit it to twice a day.

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