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5 Hacks To Slay Your Fashion Game In Heels

5 Hacks To Slay Your Fashion Game In Heels


Picking the right heels is a constant battle many have to face. Choosing heels that are stylish or opting for comfort often is a big conundrum. Heels are often accompanied by unwelcoming blisters which totally kill the vibe and put a major downer on the evening.

All your plans of dancing the night away go down the drain as you hobble around looking for band-aids to help with the pain.

Thankfully, there are a few hacks that can help you sport on your sexiest heels while preventing pain and keeping you comfortable. Here are some of the hacks –

Shorten the height of the heels
If you are prone to blisters or in general feel pain when in heels, you can choose to opt for low-height heels. But, if that pair of 5-inch stilettos is etched on your mind but you are afraid of the havoc it might create, then don’t panic. Shoe repair shops should be able to help you by shortening the height of the heels up to an inch.

Heel-to-toe walk
Slay your walk in heels by engaging your abs and walking heel-to-toe instead of toe-to-heel. The pressure distribution is perfect in heel-to-toe walks and will provide better balance.

Wear the heels indoors
When you buy your heels before wearing them outside, wear your heels indoors by pulling on a pair of thick socks and walking in them for some hours. This will open up your heels and prevent the pain.

Use sandpaper
Take sandpaper and rub it at the bottom of your new heels to roughen them up. This will prevent you from slipping. This hack is pocket-friendly and more convenient.

Use a blow dryer
Use this blow-dryer trick to make your heels wider and make them fit right. Pull on your thickest socks and put on your tight shoes. Blow dry (on mid-low setting) and wiggle your toes. Do this for 10 minutes. You will feel the shoes loosening up.

Platform Heels
Platform heels are more comfortable than stiletto heels, as they provide all the height and more support.

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