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5 Financial Gifts for your Sister that you Can Consider

5 Financial Gifts for your Sister that you Can Consider


Raksha Bandhan 2022 Gifts for Sisters: Financial freedom is one of the best gifts a brother can give to her sister and what better occasion than Raksha Bandhan for the same? Being financially independent is empowering for any individual. Taking control of your money matters helps you feel financially secure and stronger. To help you start your sister’s investment journey and set her financially free for life, we have curated some of the best financial products which can make for an excellent festival gift.

Fixed Deposit Or Recurring Deposit (FD, RD)

Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits are popular choices of investment in India. You can open either one of them in your sister’s name. An FD account helps you earn a fixed interest rate on a certain amount for a specific period, which is higher than that of a savings account. In the case of an RD, small payments have to be made monthly for a certain period.

Mutual Funds

Besides traditional financial instruments, mutual funds can also be a great investment tool. There are several mutual fund schemes available in the market and you can pick the one which has performed well in the past, delivered higher returns and been less affected by market risks. An open-ended fund without a lock-in period will allow your sister to redeem the amount at any time as per her requirements.

Digital Or Paper Gold

Owning gold is not limited to jewellery anymore. Instead of actual physical yellow metal, you can also buy paper gold instruments like gold ETF or sovereign gold bonds. Paper gold is an asset that represents the price value of gold but is not actually it, therefore it does not involve the cost of making which can go up to 25% of the price. You can also purchase digital gold from the three main companies which offer the option in India: MMTC-PAMP India, Augmont Gold Ltd and Digital Gold India.

Health Insurance Policy

Gifting a health insurance plan will ensure the financial safety of your sister in the case of medical emergencies. A health insurance policy will cover all the medical expenses including hospitalization, daycare procedures, room rent, domiciliary expenses and more. The cost of treatment in case of an illness or unfortunate accident causes severe financial strain and eats out a lot of amount from our savings. Therefore, this is the best gift to keep your sister away from worries of medical bills.


This investment can either be short or long-term. But you can create a diverse portfolio for your sister keeping long-term investment in focus. For this, you can gift her some stocks of a blue chip company. In case of confusion about which stocks to pick, you can take advice from a financial planner or a stockbroker.

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