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5 Common Health Issues During Monsoons

5 Common Health Issues During Monsoons


Airborne diseases like cold, flu, influenza, sore throat are common during monsoon.

Monsoon brings much needed relief from the scorching heat of the summer and that’s why it’s the most favourite season for many. However, with rains also come a host of health problems. The humidity and moisture in the air during monsoon helps the bacteria and germs to grow.

Here are the five most common monsoon diseases you should remain prepared for. In order to avoid these diseases you should take appropriate precautions and keep a watch on the symptoms.

Airborne diseases

Monsoons bring along airborne diseases like cold, flu, influenza, sore throat etc. These are spread by airborne bacteria. Senior citizens and children are more prone to the ailment because of their weak or low immunity.

Water-borne diseases

Diarrhoea, jaundice, hepatitis A, typhoid, cholera and stomach infections are some of the most common water-borne diseases during monsoon. These diseases are propagated due to polluted water in the sewage pipes, potholes etc. Many people in both urban and rural areas are forced to use contaminated water for drinking and household chores during monsoon and this increases the cases of water-borne diseases.

Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito breeding generally increases during monsoon due to accumulation of stale water. The cases of Malaria, dengue, and chikungunya, which are caused by mosquito bite, go up during the rainy season.


Adult citizens, children and newborn babies are more prone to this disease. The bacteria or the virus that cause this disease are present in the air we inhale. This infection results in swelling of air sacs in our lungs, which assists in the accumulation of fluid.


· Fever

· Chills

· Weariness

· Bad appetite

· Malaise

· Clammy skin

· Sweating

· Extreme pain in the chest

· Problem with breathing

Viral infections:

Monsoon rain triggers fungal infections and bacterial infections. The body immunity in many people also goes down during monsoon and this increases the risk of infections.

One should make sure to intake nutritious food and take care of their hygiene in order to prevent themselves from getting exposed to the common monsoon diseases listed above.

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