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4 Things You Never Say To Kids In Their Formative Years


Being a parent is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences in the world but parenting is a very big responsibility. As parents, one is responsible for shaping a child. Improper parenting can hurt a child’s upbringing.

One of the worst things you can do while bringing up your toddler is to say things that you aren’t supposed to. Any statement that discriminates against them based on negative features or attributes can scar your children for life.

Here are a few things you should never say to your kids:

You have become a headache:

Such statements usually come after a tiring or hectic day and when you have been tested to your limits. Even a small mistake on your child’s part irritates you. However, avoid calling them a problem or headache just because you are a bit irritated. Any wrong statement might alienate your kid from you.

You don’t understand anything:

Some children are a little less sharp than others but there is no need to reprimand them for it. If you constantly tell them they understand nothing, they will develop an inferiority complex and will have low self-esteem. Be more understanding and try to explain things to them. Let them learn at their own pace.

Discriminate on basis of gender:

Parents often ask their sons to ‘man up’ and their daughters to ‘act more feminine. These are pre-conceived notions about gender and will instil discriminatory behaviour among your children as well. Refrain from making such statements.

Not giving importance to what they have to say

We often have a habit of not paying heed to what children say because it may seem very trivial to us. But for them, it is something significant and they want to trust you with it. Not answering them or not giving importance to their statements will just push them further away from you.

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