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4 Steps to Forgiving Someone Easily and Moving On

4 Steps to Forgiving Someone Easily and Moving On


Forgiving is an act of kindness. However, it is easier said than done. Coursing through life, we often encounter situations where people behave badly to us or their words hurt us, leaving a forever mark. Criticism, arguments, and poor behaviour coax us to hold grudges and we are unable to recover from them.

Over time, being unable to forgive someone takes a toll on us and we continue to carry the burden wherever we go. Eventually, feelings of anger and bitterness snatch our peace. There is only one way to pull yourself out from such negative feelings — practising forgiveness. Here are 4 tips, which will grant you the power of forgiving.

Accept the situation

One of the primary steps that pave the path to forgiveness is learning to accept the situation. More than often when we get hurt, we tend to bury the feelings deep within us and refuse to accept them. However, once we accept the situation and understand that there is nothing we can change about it, the feelings of hatred slowly decrease.

Understand the reaction of the other person

Sometimes when someone criticizes or scolds us we blame the other person without thinking twice. In the heat of the moment, we forget that a fault might be ours as well. Instead of jumping to conclusions, try to question why the other person reacted unusually.

Write it out

Instead of bottling up your emotions and carrying grudges, write down your feelings in a notebook or diary. It will help you analyse the situation better and release pent-up emotions. Penning thoughts allows you to become vulnerable, making you realise a lot about yourself.

Move on

Moving on does take time. However, it is like taking baby steps, leading you on the path of forgiveness. When you have moved on from the incident, you will realise how insignificant it was. Gradually, it will not matter to you anymore.

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