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4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Apply Liquid Lipsticks

4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Apply Liquid Lipsticks


Lipsticks can be regarded as one of the most integral parts of a woman’s life. Be it going to a party, visiting your friends, or even getting ready for work, lipsticks are a constant companion for women. Out of the variety of lipsticks available in the market, matte and liquid lipsticks top the list as they are the ones that help to amp up your glam game.

However, applying liquid lipsticks can be a little tricky as they tend to dry out your lips, making the skin peel off. If you are struggling with dry lips after the application of liquid lipsticks, following these 4 tips will work wonders for you.

Hydrate/Moisturize lips

One of the first steps to stop your lips from drying out is moisturising them beforehand. Before you go in for the liquid lipstick always use a lip balm or a Vaseline petroleum jelly and apply it evenly on your lips. It will prevent the lipstick from drying up.

Apply in small quantities

Whenever you are applying liquid lipsticks, make this your mantra that “less is more”. Liquid lipsticks are sticky in general and over-application of the product will make it far worse. Just use a small quantity of lipstick and smudge it with your fingers to even it out. Plus, do not ever overcoat your lips with liquid lipstick.

Do not rub lips

Unlike creamy lipsticks, rubbing your lips after putting on the liquid lip colour is a strict no-no. The colour will give an uneven look on your lips and seem patchy after application. Just simply, apply a small amount of liquid lipstick on your lower lip, and then go for the upper lip.

Use good quality makeup remover

Use a gel or water-based makeup remover to get rid of liquid lipstick. As the product is quite patchy, it can leave colour stains on your lips for a long time. Applying a good quality makeup remover like Micellar water will help you in wiping off the remnants of the lipstick.

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